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Established in 2015, MERF is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under Companies Act 2017 (Previously Companies Ordinance 1984).

Medical Emergency Resilience Foundation (MERF) is a national NGO registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984, as a not for profit organization. Its registered office is situated at House No. 638-E, main double road, E-11/3, NPF, Islamabad.
MERF has been certified as an NPO by FBR under section 2(36) of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 and is a registered taxpayer with National Tax Number 7212843-0. MERF is also a Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) certified organization.

MERF aims to improve access to quality health care services which are equitable, efficient and affordable in collaboration with governments, international organizations and private entities. MERF provides services in health care delivery, capacity building of health workers, heath care governance, supply chain management, health management information system and health care policy and planning in order to positively contribute to the health status of the population.

Saving lives by providing effective, efficient and affordable healthcare in resource poor settings
The main objectives of the organization are to;
    1- To support public health care system with special emphasis on maximizing access to a basic package of quality essential healthcare services.
    2- To improve nutritional status of population through nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions.
    3- To prevent and/or mitigate water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases through evidence based systematic approaches.
    4- To deliver emergency services and develop resilience in response to natural and man-made disasters.
    5- To develop and advocate policies for health systems strengthening.

Guiding Principles​

We believe in developing positive and productive relationships with colleagues, identifying constructive solutions to challenges that arise and respecting all those we work with and behaving professionally.

Our governance structure and policies and procedures are aimed at maximizing transparency.

We welcome accountability of our governance, programs, conduct and work.

Our governance structure and policies and procedures are aimed at maximizing transparency.

We do not support or related with any party (political, religious or otherwise).

We do not discriminate on the basis of caste, color, ethnicity, gender, religion, political affiliation, geographical or linguistic background, marital status, sexual orientation, age or physical disability.

We strongly believe in rule of law and adhere to requirements of the law in the country and under International conventions.

The members who consist of eminent citizens and distinguished professionals have the ultimate responsibility for the governance of the organization. The members serving as Board of Directors provide management oversight through periodic Board meetings as well as annual general meeting (AGM) of the members. The organization is headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) appointed by Board. The CEO is responsible for overall operations of the organization and is reportable to Board.

We believe in organization’s competence and capabilities by implementing the best industry practices our programs and governance.

MERF has well defined and documented staff policies and procedures covering recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development and grievance redressal mechanism. Its policies and practices promote gender equity, equal opportunity and safeguarding of children. MERF as clear written policy and mechanism on conflict of interest.  

MERF focuses on establishing accountability and responsibility, and pushing programme management to the lowest practical, rather than highest possible, position. In other words, from HO to district Offices and further from district offices to field offices. Most importantly, the program management cycle has been devised to ensure that MERF is clearly accountable to all internal and external stakeholders, including its donors, partners, beneficiaries and staff.

MERF has a sound financial management system, policies and procedures. There is a clear segregation of duties with clearly defined authorization thresholds. The system ensures that the financial information and documentation is accurate, complete and as per best industry practices. 

MERF follows a stringent compliance framework under which it is subject to statutory audit on annual basis. The scope, methodology and conduct of the audit is governed by the applicable International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) as notified by SECP. In addition to annual audits, project audits are also carried out in accordance with donor requirements.  MERF also maintains an internal audit and compliance function.

MERF believe on result based management monitoring and evaluation system and is focusing on monitoring the outcome and impact rather than activities and inputs. MERF used the logical framework as a basis for project design and establishes the quantifiable monitoring indicators against the objectives and measure the qualitative results against assumption, risk and stakeholder.

Certificate of Incorporation

SECP License

Section 2(36) Certificate

PCP Certificate

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