Social mobilization and community outreach activities to promote routine/essential immunization in 15 target districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Under this UNICEF funded program MERF will identify and strengthen the existing community-based entities and will engage them with stakeholders engaged in immunization at both Union Council and district level for effective community engagement and community

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mobilization in order to enable the communities to increase demand for immunization services in target 15 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. MERF will develop evidence-based plans for each target union council focusing on gender equality, health systems strengthening and capacity building in order create convergence for enhancement of vaccination coverages. MERF will also disseminate key messages on COVID 19 preventive measures and SOPs during ACSM interventions.

⇒ Project will carry out rapid social mapping/profiling to assess and address social and behavioral issues in target districts and use the information for evidence-based planning and implementation of community engagement interventions.
⇒ Project will identify factors for zero dose, missed newborn birth dose, and defaulters. Also, existing or establish new community structures/committees will be identified to utilize them to create demand for routine immunization services and address refusals within communities. Identify refusals for routine immunization and polio for referrals to EPI centers.
⇒ Human Resource engaged in social mobilization and community outreach for improved uptake of the essential immunization at both district and union council levels will work in close coordination with department of health and community level influencers to as fulcrum for identification of determinants and then awareness raising through IEC material placement and dissemination, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), social networks like WhatsApp, for effecting social change in target union councils.