About Us

Legal Status

Medical Emergency Resilience Foundation (MERF) is a national NGO registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984, as a not for profit organization. Its registered office is situated at House No. 638-E, main double road, E-11/3, NPF, Islamabad.
MERF has been certified as an NPO by FBR under section 2(36) of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 and is a registered taxpayer with National Tax Number 7212843-0. MERF is also a Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) certified organization.

Vision, Mission Statement and Objectives

MERF aims to improve access to quality health care services which are equitable, efficient and affordable in collaboration with governments, international organizations and private entities. MERF provides services in health care delivery, capacity building of health workers, heath care governance, supply chain management, health management information system and health care policy and planning in order to positively contribute to the health status of the population.

MERF’s mission statement is…

Saving lives by providing effective, efficient and affordable healthcare in resource poor settings
The main objectives of the organization are to;
1. To support public health care system with special emphasis on maximizing access to a basic package of quality essential healthcare services.
2. To improve nutritional status of population through nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions.
3. To prevent and/or mitigate water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases through evidence based systematic approaches.
4. To deliver emergency services and develop resilience in response to natural and man-made disasters.
5. To develop and advocate policies for health systems strengthening.

Guiding Principles

Medical Emergency Resilience Foundation has developed and adopted the following guiding principles that guides its vision, governance, programs, internal systems and procedures and code of conduct.


MERF believes in developing positive and productive relationships with colleagues, identifying constructive solutions to challenges that arise and respecting all those we work with and behaving professionally.


MERF governance structure and policies and procedures are aimed at maximizing transparency.


MERF welcomes accountability of its governance, programs, conduct and work.


MERF does not support or related with any party (political, religious or otherwise).


MERF does not discriminate on the basis of caste, color, ethnicity, gender, religion, political affiliation, geographical or linguistic background, marital status, sexual orientation, age or physical disability.

Rule of Law:

MERF strongly believes in rule of the law and adheres to all applicable provisions of the law in the country and under International conventions.

Best practices:

MERF believes in organizations competence and capabilities by implementing the best industry practices in terms of program implementation and governance.

Certificate of Incorporation


SECP License


Section 2(36) Certificate

PCP Certificate

Our Team

MERF has a dynamic and vibrant team with decades of experience and expertise in development, health, program implementation and monitoring, financial management, supply chain management and administration. MERF team is strongly committed to their work and shares brave ideas in order to make things work in an efficient manner. At MERF the team leaders believe in delegating tasks to team members which allow them to focus on improving workplace functions and productivity.
Currently, MERF employs and manages more than 2000 staff in its head office and field offices including project and government staff whose operational management has been transferred to the MERF under the covenants of project agreement.


Dr. Shah has been serving as humanitarian aid and developmental professional with inter-disciplinary and sector-wide technical and managerial experience at both national and international level. The extensive public health experience ranges from direct field level implementation to programme design, based on best health system practices in response to the major health burdens. A large proportion of his extensive experience has been dedicated to “health system strengthening—HSS”. He brings in a wealth of field application experience of a variety of planning models and management approaches such as logical frameworks (LFAs), project cycle management, and result based management & management by objectives. He led the development of strategies and initiated transformative agenda including system developments and managing change to best fit programme’s needs. He contributed considerably in various major humanitarian responses that included: On-going Somalia armed conflict, Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar 2009, Pakistan 2010 & 11 floods, IDP crises in north of Pakistan.
Dr. Syed Shah Miran

Chief Executive Officer

Sayed Ghalib has been working in Humanitarian sector since year 2000, as humanitarian aid & developmental professional with inter-disciplinary & sector-wide technical, managerial & consulting experience. Ghalib has worked for 8 years with United Nation (UNDP, UNOCHA and UNAMA) in Afghanistan, additionally he has worked with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) as Area Manager FATA and KPK and Operations Manager with Merlin International. He has a post graduate qualification in engineering & Masters in Development Sciences.  A few major humanitarian responses in which he has contributed included: Afghanistan 2001 – 08, South Asia Earthquake2005, Pakistan 2010 & 11 floods.
Sayed Ghalib

Director Operations


  Faisal Riaz has professional experience of more than 12 years in accounting and financial management. Before joining MERF, he has worked with various international NGOs, Leading corporations and one of the leading audit firms. His experience includes working with donors like EU, ECHO, UNICEF, WEP, SCI, Global Fund, World Bank, Norwegian Embassy.
Faisal Riaz

Director Finance


  Dr Bilal Saleem is a public health practitioner with extensive national and international experience in developmental, emergency response and community-driven projects. Having over 10 years of multi-donor working experience with OFDA, DFID, BPRM, DFAT Australia, DFATD Canada, Qatar Charity, ECHO, Unicef, UNHCR and EU funding in primary health care, secondary health care, trauma, physical rehabilitation, MHPSS, reproductive health, nutrition, mass vaccination campaigns and community health. He is a master trainer for health and nutrition technical programming with expertise in participatory learning methodologies and research ethics for vulnerable populations in complex settings.
Bilal Saleem

Director Programs


Fozia Naeem is an accomplished HR professional with over 12 years of experience in the public and private sectors. Fozia is responsible for implementing human resource management strategies that enable MERF to recruit, train, and retain a high performing and motivated workforce.
She has a history of proven accomplishment in corporate, government and humanitarian sectoral areas, specializes in talent management, staffing, employee benefits, learning and development. In her capacities, she was responsible for developing and implementing on-boarding, training and development, performance management, employee retention, benefits management and employee relations policies and strategies. She has experience of working on UN, The Global Fund, DFID, World Bank and EU funded projects.
Fozia Naeem

Manager Human Resource


  Alam Gul is a multi-skilled health and nutrition information systems professional and experienced statistician with solid background in epidemiology along with proven track record in Monitoring and Evaluation, information management and organizational development. This embraces training, capacity building and project management in provinces within Pakistan.
Mr. Alam Gul

M&E Manager


  Tariq Mehr brings more than 10 years of experience in grants management, compliance, financial management and audits. He has worked with multiple organizations in Pakistan and Afghanistan including a Big4 audit firm, leading INGOs and Local organizations. He has experience of working on The Global Fund, European Union, U.S. Agency for International Development, United Nations and DFID funded projects.
Mr. Tariq Mehr

Manager Grants, Compliance & Audits


  Dr Iqbal Afridi has 27 years of public health experience in clinical, administrative and managerial capacities. He has been involved in key health interventions including EPI, Polio Eradication campaigns, Communicable Disease Control, Disaster Management, Family planning, Health and Nutrition.
Dr. Iqbal has worked in FATA Health Directorate thereby becoming familiar with working and social cultural environment of the area, working with Afghan refugees striving for the amelioration of their sufferings had been a special experience which provided greater insight necessary for addressing refugees. He also has served as Medical Officer in AHQ Hospital Landikotal and Medical Superintendent at Lady Reading Hospital as Medical Superintendent.
Dr Iqbal Afridi

Project Coordinator KP


  Dr Asghar Shah is a public health professional with 15 years of dynamic experience in international Public Health and Nutrition programs. Based on his professional career, his main strengths is coordination, team management, technical and operational aspects of Health and Nutrition programs.
Has all the experience of Implementation of health program along with all the vertical programs in the district (EPI, TB, RBM and MNCH). Done capacity building and supervision of district health team. Skilled in assessments, monitoring and evaluation and working with partners in organizational development and Health Systems Strengthening.
Dr Asghar Shah

MS AHQ Mishti Mela


  Dr Khurram Awan is a public health professional with 10 years of dynamic experience in international Public Health and Nutrition programs. His key strengths and experience includes coordination, team management, technical and operational aspects of Health and Nutrition programs. He has experience of Implementation of health program along with all the vertical programs in the district (EPI, TB, RBM and MNCH)
Dr. Khurram Awan

Program Manager Sindh


Adam Malik has diversified working experience in government as well as national and international non-government organizations in the areas of program development, hiring and supervising the consultants, capacity building, training module development, developing communication strategies and other areas. He has experience of program management, policy advocacy, informed social mobilization, coordination of civil society networks and facilitation to citizens – government departments’ engagement. He has vast experience of facilitating citizens groups in engaging with the government departments for social services from grassroots level to the decision and policy makers. He has worked in short term and long term projects in the areas of health, nutrition, livelihood and governance.
Adam Malik

Regional Program Manager Sindh