Completed Projects

MERF responded to ECHO HIP 2016 call and was awarded contract as implementing partner of Malteser International to provide health and nutrition services to TDPs and host population of KP including Newly Merged Districts. Under the project, MERF provided Primary Healthcare Services with a focus on maternal, newborn and child health in 15 HFs and CMAM Services (Screening, SFP, OTP & referrals to SC) in 09 HFs of KP. The project was successfully completed in December 2017.
MERF as implementing partner of The Aga khan University carried out data collection under National Nutrition Survey 2018 in 31 districts of Baluchistan and KP including NMDs. The project was completed in February 2019.
Under its skills development program with support from FATA-DA, MERF selected and trained 100 female students who were residents of (erstwhile) FATA in 18 months Community Midwifery Course recognized by Pakistan Nursing Council. The project was completed in 2018.
The survey was conducted in 16 districts of Baluchistan on behalf of DoH, Government of Baluchistan with funding and direct supervision of UNICEF. The surveys aimed to assess malnutrition and its risk factors which contribute towards the high malnutrition rate. A total of 23,000 HHs were covered in the survey and was completed in 2017.
Completed in 2018, the program trained 320 women from (erstwhile) FATA in 06 months health skills training program through skills centers located in Khyber. The training course comprised of Maternal Health, Nutrition, Family Planning/Birth spacing, Child Health, Immunization and Home-based Care for common illnesses.
In order to meet the shortage of female health workforce in (erstwhile) FATA, MERF under its skills development program with support from FATA-DA is implementing a 04 years nursing program recognized by Pakistan Nursing Council for FATA women. Under this program, 100 female students (Fata residents) were selected who are now undergoing a 04 years nursing program. The program will be completed in September 2020 and would provide much needed health workforce in the region.
1-ECHO- HIP 2016 - Health and Nutrition Services
2-National Nutrition Survey 2018
3-Community Midwifery Course for (erstwhile) FATA Women
4-KAP and SMART Survey in Baluchistan
5-Health Skills training for (erstwhile) FATA women
6-Nursing Degree Programme for (erstwhile) FATA Women