Serving Humanity by Saving Lives

Health facilities in Newly Merged Districts operating under Public Private Partnership serving people
Under Public Private Partnership Initiative, MERF has taken over health facilities in five newly merged district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The objective of the project is operationalization of the hospital and provision of quality health care services to the general public. Since, the handover of the hospitals, MERF have made operational the hospitals with the following services fully functional at these facilities with dedicated and highly professional medical teams:
⦁ Outpatient Services (OPD) – Specialized & General;
⦁ Inpatient wards/units (IPD) – Surgical, Medical, Dental, Pediatrics, NICU, Gynecology & Eye;
⦁ Accident & Emergency (A&E) services;
⦁ Operation Theatres;
⦁ Labor Rooms;
⦁ Laboratory Services;
⦁ Pharmacy;
⦁ EPI Services;
Since inception of these health facilities there are number of achievements to reduce morbidity and mortality among the targeted population in these locations by improving access to quality healthcare services through affordable healthcare in resource poor settings.
A newly born five days old male child presented to emergency in District Headquarter Hospital in Mishti Mela in Orakzai with respiratory distress and severe anemic. He was even unable to blink his eyes and eyes were hazy. Newly born was shifted to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Oxygen inhalation started and investigations sent to laboratory. His hemoglobin level was extremely low just 2.2 mg/dl. Normal should be above 15 in this age. Parents were so anxious that they want to refer to Peshawar but the condition of the baby was critical which made it impossible to travel. Parents were counselled about patient condition. A plan for blood transfusion was made and transfusion was done on that day. Also, full fledge treatment was initiated. Deuterating condition of child became improving. Blood transfusion also done the next day. On 3rd day the hemoglobin level increased by 12.7 mg/dl. and was maintaining Oxygen saturation without oxygen
support. He also started breastfeeding which was quite a good sign. Dedicated and hardworking staff of NICU were able to save life of child. The parents were over whelming with MERF services and praying for staff. This is how MERF saved a life of many in these far-flung areas across province and contributing to save precious lives.